Petter Neby speaking at Monocle conference in Vienna

Petter Neby, President of Punkt., will be speaking at the Monocle Quality of Life conference in Vienna, 15th – 17th April. The conference is organised by Monocle, a publishing company specialising in global affairs, business, culture and design.

Monocle was originally launched as a magazine in 2007. Over the last nine years the company has expanded to include electronic media, but continues to maintain its core commitment to producing quality printed publications.

Petter will be taking part in a panel discussion entitled “Let’s talk about it”. The session will look at how communication is changing, both for better and for worse, and explore where the balance between analogue and digital is being set.

Monocle will be filming the conference, and broadcasting much of it live on their internet radio station. A series of audio podcasts will also be released.

More details on the Monocle website.

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