Look Around, by Henrietta Thompson

Writer, curator and editor-at-large of Wallpaper* magazine Henrietta Thompson has written a thoughtful essay for Punkt. entitled ‘Look Around’. In her essay Thompson explores how pervasive digital technologies are impacting our social lives. How they affect our notions of privacy, our approach to multitasking, and ultimately how we interact with each other. In ‘Look Around’ Petter Neby shares his views on preserving good habits to help rebalance people’s relationship with technology.

Look around. In any public space today – a train carriage perhaps, or a bar, a concert, a party, even just a busy street – the scene is the same: people staring at little individual screens. Count them. Taking selfies, checking maps, typing out texts an emails, but more often than not just scrolling, checking, swiping. Consumed and consuming bite sized nuggets of new information and entertainment. Although it’s easy not to notice (partly because it’s become so normal, but also because we’re all equally engrossed in our devices ourselves) if you do stop and think how this revolution has happened in the space of only a few years, it’s nothing short of phenomenal. And a little scary… [download pdf below to read full essay]

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