Celebrate Summer Solstice with the AC 01

It's the Summer Solstice on Monday, the shortest night of the year. Easy to forget, for those of us who live in cities. The difference between night and day is being eroded, work time and free time, awake time and sleep time. Daylight still knows when to switch itself off, but it's becoming ever harder for us to do the same: we need to make a conscious choice.

If our smartphone is the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see in the morning, the day tends to go to bed with us. Using an alarm clock that doesn't multi-task allows us to specialise, to focus entirely on rest. It's a way of saying 'goodnight' to our smartphone and its habits. 

Of course, any old alarm clock will function as an alternative to a smartphone. But investing in the AC 01's fine craftsmanship and understated elegance makes a clear statement: 'my sleep is important'. Why not start the day with something special?

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