Wunderkammer of Ideas

Open seminar
Thursday 30th May 2013, from 10,15am onwards
Campus Domus Academy e NABA - kick-off 10:00am - via Darwin 20, Milano
Planetario di Milano, - dalle ore 7:30pm - corso Venezia 57, Milano

Two prestigious design schools join forces with an innovative brand to question the future role of design education.

Punkt. is pleased to announce a day dedicated to reflections on the future role of design education: Wunderkammer of Ideas. The event, hosted by design schools Domus Academy and NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano), brings students and international experts from multidisciplinary fields together to rethink institutional design education through role reversal. 10 selected students from the respective schools present an identified topic for individual confrontation with one of the experts. The day is divided into face-to-face sessions of 30mins in which each student will challenge their appointed guest.

Participating guests are: Giovanni Amelino Camelia, physicist, Ph.D from MIT; Clemens Weisshaar, designer, co-founder of the Kram/Weisshaar studio in Munich and Stockholm; Nikolaus Hirsch, architect, curator and director of the Städelschule Academy of Fine Arts and Portikus Kunsthalle in Frankfurt; Renato Montagner, architect, founder of multidisciplinary studio Change design; Matteo Pericoli, architect, illustrator and teacher; Amnon Dekel, programmer, computer scientist, computer artist and psychologist; Joseph Grima, editor in chief of ‘Domus' Magazine; Giorgio de Mitri, creative director of Sartoria Comunicazione; Tomáš Libertíny, experimental Slovakian designer; Kuno Prey, designer and teacher; Dan Hill, CEO of Fabrica, author of City of Sound; Elisa Poli, architectectural historian. In the evening a Punkt. chillout session will take place at the Planetarium of Milan, with concluding interventions by Italo Rota, professor and architect, Gianluigi Ricuperati, dean of Domus Academy, and an artist reading and performance by Roberto Paci Dalò, composer and musician, film and theatre director, visual artist. The evening will end with music from Alessio Bertallot from 11 pm onwards.

In this way Punkt., Domus Academy and NABA have come together in search for a new vision, an education that is able to meet the needs of the 21st century. Over the past two years Punkt. has developed programmes to broaden the company's direction and strategy by connecting with education and strengthening the link between academy and industry. Domus Academy and NABA are interested in mobilising new ideas and encouraging students to develop innovative ideas which will be crucial to their future careers after school.

Punkt. and Domus Academy/NABA agree that education needs to address the interconnected and complex systems and to rethink its ‘role' in a networked and global society. The aim of the Wunderkammer of Ideas event is to start sharing and producing ideas on the future of design education.

The WUNDERKAMMER OF IDEAS project sprang from an awareness of the importance ofhere creating a network between students and professionals, with the aim of exploring the complex, multifaceted field of the arts and design, and working together to come up with new ideas for the schools of the future, building connections between universities and the world of work.

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Event hosted by Wired Next Fest.

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