Punkt. @Bocconi University

On May 25 2012 Petter Neby presented Punkt. to an undergraduate design class at Bocconi University in Milan tutored by professor Stefano Mirti.

The design class is part of the CLEACC program (Economics and Management of Arts, Culture and Communication] attended by approximately 30 second year students. As part of his programme Mirti presents inspiring projects, situations and stories from the field to enable his students to gain insight into and reference real life situations they can relate to.

The Punkt. story in this context - told by its founder and framed by the tutor - featured a fascinating combination of observations and anecdotes going from geographical influences and cultural differences to aesthetics and function; from concept to design, and from manufacturing to communication. In a nutshell, Neby's account of how to transform an idea into reality by launching a design startup from scratch.

Find out more about Mirti's design class here: http://paper.li/designinbocconi
On twitter @designinbocconi.

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