Punkt. and the Swiss University ECAL

Exhibition A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology

12-17 April 2016, Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24 , Milan, Italy.

To co-operate with both Punkt. and the Jasper Morrison Office for Design means a great deal for us since we, of course, share quite some of brand’s philosophy in terms of «Swiss» design values such as reduction, efficiency and simplicity, but always with a moment of surprise”.  Thilo Alex Brunner, head of Master Product Design, ECAL.

On January 28th 2016 we went to ECAL/ University of Art and Design in Lausanne with John Tree of the Jasper Morrison Office of Design to attend the presentation of designs created by a group of the school’s industrial design students following a semester-long design programme. 

The collaboration invited fifteen second year students from the school’s Product Design Master to propose products designs for Punkt. which expressed the brand’s view on taming technology.

The challenge was to create marketable products with simplicity in their design and functions. Something a Punkt. customer would like to buy.

The results laid out by Prof. Augustin Scott de Martinville and the students at the school immediately reflected simplicity in the way they were presented and a high level of quality in their realisation. Product ideas were diverse and ranged from weather stations to wall printers, and torches to televisions.

Very impressed by the talent and such a well thought-out collection of models Punkt. will showcase eight selected designs from the ECAL project at the exhibition “A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology” to be held during the Salone del Mobile in Milan at Palazzo Litta from 12-17 April 2016.

Watch this space to find out more.

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