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Punkt./Time To Log Off Winners Announced

On August 30th we joined forces with Time To Log Off and launched a competition to celebrate the launch of a new book written by the group’s founder, Tanya Goodin: Off. Your Digital Detox, a practical guide to help people tame their smartphone addictions in the age of hyper-connectivity.

To enter the competition people had to submit a 140 statement describing why they need a digital detox. People from everywhere in the world entered and on September 6th we selected the 5 most convincing reasons for going off grid.  The lucky winners get to take home a signed copy of the new book and an MP 01 mobile phone.

Are you one of the lucky ones? Here are the winners!:

Seamus Brady
You have one life, stretched between infinities of darkness. The brightest thing in your day should not be the screen of your smartphone.
Joshua H
Double-tap. Close. Swipe. Swipe. Tap. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Double-tap. Close. Close. Close. #OFF. Wander. Breathe again. #digitaldetox
James Smith
My case is one of simple addiction. My smartphone is a constant distraction and I want some brain space back. With style!
Vince Simboli
I notice my 13 year old daughter struggling with personal relationships and feel it is due to her modelling my "gadget addiction" behaviour.
Marc Lehmann
I believe that you can be a modern and successful entrepreneur without being a slave to any technological device. 


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