MP02 software release: SW version 1.5

We are pleased to announce the second update (v1.5) of the MP02’s firmware will soon be available to install. We sincerely apologise for the on-going delays, the most recent of which were caused by a problem we encountered regarding the transmission of the firmware via the Over The Air updating system.

Version 1.5 is a collection of under-the-bonnet fixes, in particular addressing battery life. It is recommended for all users. Unfortunately, a number of issues remain; some of these will be addressed in v1.6, which is due imminently. v1.6 will also provide compatibility with USA mobile service providers AT&T (with VoLTE) and T‑Mobile (without VoLTE).

The update comes in two batches, so the updating process needs to be performed twice (or three times, if the MP02 has never been updated). Detailed instructions will be provided as soon as the update is available.

If desired, the installed software version can be ascertained by opening the Main menu and selecting Settings, then About, then Firmware. The software version will be indicated by its full name; this will be prefixed by either “EU” or “US”, depending on whether the phone itself is Version 1 (most of the world) or Version 2 (USA/Can).

  • version 01.00.0038 is the version installed in the batch of phones that were released between December, 2018 and February, 2019.
  • version 01.02.0051 was the first firmware update released in Febraury 2019.
  • version 01.03.0052 is the first part of firmware version 1.5, there will be a second part of firmware to complete version 1.5 and the detailed number will be confirmed upon release.

As soon as the firmware version 1.5 is available for release we will send out further communication.



MP02 software release: SW version 1.5



  • Silent mode: no longer affected by turning vibration alert on or off.
  • Backing up a VCF contacts file to computer via USB: bug fixed.
  • SIM PIN entry: now possible to enter up to 8 digits.
  • New contact entries created from call history: now correctly saved.
  • Text messaging: unsent messages are now saved as drafts if interrupted by an incoming call or other event.
  • Text messaging: the user is warned that a draft message will be deleted if all recipients are removed.
  • Calculator: all languages are now able to incorporate decimal marks within numbers.
  • Display when screen is activated but keypad is locked: low battery, connection and network status are now displayed when appropriate.
  • Network display: the phone now shows current type of data connection accurately (Wi‑Fi or not Wi‑Fi).
  • Incoming call: the ringtone will always sound (except when volume is set to zero, silent mode is on, or when ringtone selected is “none”).
  • In‑call options: the in‑call options menu (putting a call on hold, activating the hands‑free speaker, etc.) is now available.
  • Emergency calls: bug that prevented some users from making an emergency call without SIM card is now fixed. (Note: making emergency calls without a SIM card is not possible in all countries, including (recently) Switzerland.)
  • Tethering: the tethering password and network name no longer automatically reset after reboot.


Partial fixes:

  • Battery life: significant improvements.


Known issues not fixed with this update:

  • Silent mode: not staying on (scheduled to be fixed in MP02 SW v.1.6).
  • Flip-to-silence: deactivates silent mode when the phone is “unflipped”.
  • “Add contact” feature: random letter duplication.
  • Display when phone is locked: incorrect display of battery charge in some languages.

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