The Punkt. Tidy-Up Part II

Last month we wrote about the long-overdue Punkt. Grand Tidy-Up project, but the story doesn’t end there. Once we had our mains power supply in order, we decided it was time to improve our recharging habits.

As the gadgets continue their merry romp into people’s lives, we twitchily find ourselves ever more interested in where our electricity is coming from next. How often have you arrived at an appointment and – somewhat flustered – found yourself having to say: “I’ve run out of juice, can I borrow a socket?” Maybe there’s one handy, or maybe there isn’t … people start moving furniture, unplugging the kettle, judging which currently-charging phone can be disconnected for a while, generally dancing the ‘Gadget Shuffle’.

We want to make our visitors feel at home, and while we have various mains adapters and other recharging options dotted around the office, for us too it’s sometimes easier to just use a central charging point. So, we decided it was time to walk our talk and provide an array of (long overdue) tip top drop in top up stations.


Fortunately it was much easier to do than to say. Now at Punkt., if it’s a desk, it’s got a high-output UC 01 on it, pre-equipped with three USB charging cables. If it’s a skirting board, it’s free of irksome power-tendrils. And if it’s time to welcome a visitor, showing them where they can plug in is as easy as showing them where to sit.

It’s much better: if anyone turns up urgently needing to charge their device so they can check their emails before a meeting (we’ve all been there), it’s all sorted. As long as they know that “on time” means arriving ten minutes early – but that’s a subject for another day.

UC 01

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