Gift-buying guide

Punkt. products make excellent gifts. As well as being stylish, distinctive and always beautifully packaged, they each fit distinctive niches in their user’s life. They are designed to do specific jobs, and then get out of the way. Their low-key elegance also contributes to that lack of intrusiveness: tools for sophisticated simplicity.

If you know someone who’s concerned about their screentime, maybe give them a voicephone? Perhaps they’ve already made the switch to a voicephone, and you’d like to give them a style upgrade? Ditto for their alarm clock. What’s their under-the-desk situation? Would an ES01 help? Maybe they’ve already got a Punkt. mobile phone: would they like a case for it?

MP02 + Leather Case with gift box

4G with Wi-Fi tethering, and oustanding design – with its own fine leather case.

MP02 + AC01 with gift box

For effective days and effective nights.

MP01 + LCase with gift box

The phone that started a revolution, plus the most stylish phone case you’re ever likely to see.

MP01 + AC01 with gift box

Two single-use devices from world-acclaimed designer Jasper Morrison. They do one job each, and do it well.

MP02 Mobile Phone

4G Wi-Fi hotspot for use with a second device, and a handful of other useful features.

MP01 Mobile Phone

Classic minimalism, spectacular design.

DP01 Cordless Phone

Excellent audio, mains-powered, very stylish. For focussed conversations. Extension unit also available, if you know someone who’s already got a DP01.

AC01 Alarm Clock

We all know we shouldn’t be waking up to a smartphone. Here’s how to start the day in style.

MP02 LCASE Leather Case

Protection and style, crafted in Italy.

UC01 USB Charger

Ultra-fast, solidly-built and very convenient to use.

MP01 LCASE Leather Case

Protection and style, crafted in Italy.

ES01 Extension Socket

The ES01 keeps all those mains plugs and adapters under cover, so that it can be placed where it’s convenient.

Some gift suggestions from Punkt.
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